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Unknowingly, This Makes Shopping Expenditures Increase

 Unknowingly, This Makes Shopping Expenditures Increase - From small things such as high shipping costs (postage), not knowing there is a goods tax, to not taking advantage of discounts and vouchers, unconscious causes cause shopping expenses to swell. There's something else.

Some things often make spending when shopping becomes swollen without realizing it. The intention to save money becomes dispersed when they find out that they have made the wrong strategy when shopping. Therefore, it is better to examine what things have the potential to eat away at spending money.

Remember, rupiah for rupiah is very valuable. It's a shame if it's wasted without realizing it. Before regretting further, try to be more careful when shopping. One thing that needs to be considered when we shop online.

Check postage

Have you ever bought an item online and it turns out that the shipping cost or postage you have to pay is more expensive than the price of the item? Actually we can work around this cost by looking for a seller who is providing free shipping promos. Or, choose a seller whose location is not too far from where you live so that the shipping costs are not too big.

This also applies to conventional shopping. It's possible that once in a while someone is eager to go to mall A because there are items that are being heavily discounted. Or, want to attend an event that sells discounted items.

Also take into account the cost of transportation to the mall or location. If the cost is not commensurate with the discount obtained, it's useless, isn't it?

There are taxes that make things expensive

Taxes sometimes create shopping costs. Especially when we shop abroad. Before shopping abroad to be brought home, pay attention to tax regulations. For example, there are countries that do not levy taxes on clothing purchases under US$100.

Compare prices online

Comparing the prices of goods from one store to another is a waste of time and money. However, the thing

Not the right time

Often, the time of shopping also affects the price. For example, for electronic goods, if you wait patiently for a new model, the old model will drop in price. Likewise with other items such as clothes, there are times when buying when washing the warehouse is the best choice to save money.

Yes, someone may spend far more rupiah for the same item than someone else just because they make purchases at different times.

Don't take advantage of discount coupons

Combine sales with discount coupons, or even now there are many voucher codes that you can use to save money when shopping online. Spend some time hunting for discount coupons on certain sites. Or, try subscribing to the newsletter on your favorite shopping site to get the code.

Don't think about substitute goods

When the desired item does not fit into your budget, think about alternatives to look for similar but cheaper items. Not only from different brands, lower your choice by looking for another type but the function is the same.

Expand shopping options

Consider unconventional shopping options. If you usually only go to malls or just browse online stores that are the same, then there is no chance of getting cheap prices elsewhere.

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