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What Serena Williams Means to You

 What Serena Williams Means to You-from some news media that I read,Williams was born on September 26, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan to Oracene Price and Richard Williams. He is the youngest of five children, including his older sister Venus. He also has at least seven half-siblings from his father's side. As a child, the family moved to Compton, California, where Williams began playing tennis at the age of four. Serena and Venus were homeschooled. His father and mother became their coach, including other mentors who helped him learn the game including Richard Williams, a man from Compton who shared his father's name and later founded the Tennis Academy/Tutorial Venus and Serena Williams.

This American female tennis player was born in Saginaw, Michigan, USA and has been in pro tennis since September 1995. She is the current world number 1 player and is the oldest tennis player to ever hold this title. As of June 8 2015, he has held this title for 244 weeks.

Serena Williams has won 35 Grand Slam titles consisting of 23 singles titles, 13 doubles titles and 2 mixed doubles titles. He has won his thirteenth double Grand Slam title with his sister, Venus. In August 2012, he won the gold medal in both singles and doubles of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Thus, he has won the 'Golden Slam' title where he has won all four Grand Slam and Olympic tournaments. In singles, she is the second player to achieve this feat, after Steffi Graf. He has also won the 'Golden Slam' in doubles. Thus, he is the only tennis player, male or female, to have a 'Golden Slam' title in both sectors.

Williams is a baseline player by nature, and her game is built on taking direct control of rallies with her strong, consistent serves, serve returns, and powerful groundstrokes from her forehands and backhands. Her forehand is considered one of the most powerful strokes in the women's game, as is her two-handed backhand. Williams hits his groundstroke backhand using an open stance, and uses the same open stance for his forehand. Williams' aggressive play which was rated "high risk" was offset by her serve.

He consistently projects great pace and placement with his serve; at the 2013 Australian Open, she had a serve speed of 128.6 mph (207.0 km/h) which was the third fastest serve of all time among women (only Venus's 129 mph and Sabine Lisicki's 131 mph were recorded faster). What makes his serve even more lethal is his ball placement and ability to consistently place powerful shots with great accuracy.

At the 2012 Championships at Wimbledon, she achieved a women's tournament record of 102 aces. Despite being considered a baseline player, Williams is a strong volleyball player, prefers to finish points at the net, has a very solid and strong overhead, and has a nimble touch in the net.He has stated that his favorite surface is clay because it gives him extra time to set up his shots.

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