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Young coconut glass pudding

Hay friends all, this time I will share a pudding recipe.

In Indonesia this food is called young coconut glass pudding, maybe in your country different names.

However, although different names you can make it at home for appetizers or desserts.

The taste of this pudding is very sweet and delicious especially served with a cold state, it tastes refreshing to our bodies.

Okay, let's see how to make this young coconut glass pudding:


Pudding 1

❤ 1 pack so that it is plain ,7 grams

❤ 600 ml of coconut water

❤ 10 tbsp granulated sugar

❤ Selasih to taste, soak in hot water

❤ Young coconut meat, (I only have 2 young coconuts)

Pudding 2

❤ 1 pack to make it plain, 7 grams

❤ 1/2 pack nutrijel plain (7.5 grams)

❤ 900 ml of milk uht full cream white

❤ 2 tbsp cocopandan syrup

❤ 10 tbsp granulated sugar

❤ 1/4 tsp salt

❤ a little pink dye

⁣How to make:

1. Pudding 1: cook coconut water, so that it is agar and sugar, cook until it boils, turn off the heat. Put in the coconut meat and celery, stir briefly then pour in a middle perforated pudding baking sheet. Leave to harden and cool. When it has hardened and set remove from the baking sheet. Using a knife, cut it in circles following the hole of the middle baking sheet, about 2 cm thick. Set aside

2. Pudding 2: put in all the ingredients of the pudding 2, cook until boiling l, turn off the heat. Pour a little pudding dough 2 into a baking sheet, let it half harden, then put the hardened 1 pudding earlier. Pour again the rest of the pudding dough 2 until it covers the pudding. Let it harden and set. Serve. •⁣ GOOD LUCK

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